The Gear



Who doesn't love a good rig rundown? 

I often get asked what kind of gear I've got. I tend to be simple, I don't like a TON to rely on, especially keeping in mind what happens if it decides to die right before gig. It's happened!

This is what I've got going now, but as I continue to change and grow, so will this page.




The Guitars



I built this guitar almost 10 years ago with a friend of mine, who has since disappeared. My one and only. The guitar that has shaped my playing. 

You can also check out the video --> 



This guitar was handbuilt by the Schecter Custom Shop. We took the specs of Two-Tone, and reversed them. Instead of neck through, it's set neck. Made of Mahogany, with aluminum going through the fingerboard as the lightning bolt/wave inlay. 
It's heavy as can be, and has a story...more on that later.



Bijou is a 2010 Gibson 339.  I really wanted a 335, but they are so freakin' big, I found out about these. It's the only guitar I have currently with humbuckers on it. It's light, friendly and resonant. Lovely! 



This guitar was given to me by Eric Johnson for my birthday last year. It's one of his prototypes for his new signature guitar coming out, the thinline f-hole Fender Strat. It's got a baseball bat neck! 



The best acoustic guitar ever. She is a Martin D28 that was handmade for my dear friend, Dave Weiderman's 30th anniversary at Guitar Center. They messed up and wrote '20', and also put his name in the fretboard.

When I was shooting my music video for 'California,' he let me borrow it, and eventually gave it to me as a present. "Are you SURE Dave?" I asked, shocked by his graciousness. "Of course. I'm a drummer. You just have to name it Cali and promise to keep my name in the fretboard." 

And shall live forever. 



PEDALBOARD Arielle Singer Songwriter Arielle Guitarist Guitar Pedal Board.jpg

The board is divided into two chains of pedals with a custom Road Rage loop box.

The clean chain is: Wah----Hartman Comp----TC Chorus/Flanger---Vol----Echorec. The lead chain is Wah----Crispy Cream Treble Booster(in loop box)---Beano Boost---OCD---J.Rockett Animal---MXR Smart Gate----Vol---TC Flashback Delay. The two chains share the vol. The Loop box has a master bypass as well. — 

Thanks to Dave Phillips at LA Sound Design for making this happen! 


Arielle Female Guitarist Classic Folk Rock Arielle Gear Arielle Guitar Two Tone Music

The signal chain is as follows:

Custom interface---L.R.Baggs Session DI----EH Mel----Neo Vent---TC Flashback---TC Hall OF Fame---interface. The interface is set up for a W/D/W feed to the house. It has L/R XLR outs from the wet pedals with a Pedal send on/off as well as a dry on/off. The LR Baggs has an XLR out for the Dry Acoustic. There is also a separate dry feed for a vocal harmonizer.



Making some noise!



Divided by 13 RSA 31 combo 

Welcome to the newest member of my 'gear family.' I have had AC30's most of my life, but found the vintage ones I preferred to be heavy and unreliable, and less diverse. I figured I would attempt the boutique route. Plugged into this one, and loved it. Although it's heavy(coming in at around 60 pounds,) it's convenient to have it in combo form.
Plus it's blue, so you can't go wrong there. Divided by 13 is a great company. KILLER rock tone, and breaks up great. 

You can also hear this amp on 'Take II.'

blankenship Fatboy Supreme with sour cream combo

I had heard of Roy's amps years before I bought this guy. I went into his Van Nuys studio super late (he's a night owl) to go check out some of his amps. I initially was looking for an AC30 style amp, but out of pure curiosity, I wanted to try some others.

Well, I plugged Two-Tone right into this amp, and it was the most luscious, full, warm, beautiful clean tone I had heard with my guitar. Even Roy was surprised! 

I bought it on the spot, and he shipped it out to me in Nashville. 
It also came out with me on the EJ tour earlier in 2017.




3rd power hlh 100

This is one of the best half-stacks I've ever heard. Plexi style, but after putting in the Vintage 30s(it's a 3x12), it KILLS. 

Jamie doesn't make these particular models anymore, but I love it for a killer rock tone. And it's LOUD, so I mainly use it for recording purposes. 



LIVE - shure KSM 9

I fell in love with Shure entirely after hearing this mic. It actually ADDS to your voice. It makes it warmer, breathier, and I really don't like to perform without it. I use this exclusively live. 



I record all of my music with one of these. My favorite studio mic. Even without EQing anything, you get incredible tone, without breaking the bank. These are a no-brainer. Hard to beat, even comparing them next to microphones 10x the price.


Strings/picks/must haves


Dava picks

Best picks ever. I have used them for over 12 years exclusively. They are medium, with a flex in the center. When you choke up on them, they become hard.

Love the colors, and change them depending on my mood. Plus, Dava Dave is the best guy ever.

Arielle Female Guitarist Singer Musician Vocalist Hot Austin Texas

ernie ball 

I use 9-42 Super Slinkys for Two-Tone.

I use 9-46 Hybrid Slinkys on Bijou. 








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TC Electronic PolyTune Clip-On Headstock tuner

Yea, I know. Headstock tuners. I get made fun of having them on my guitar, but they're convenient.

Love these guys!