Custom Song - Write Your Story

Arielle Guitar Player
Arielle Guitar Player

Custom Song - Write Your Story


Phewf, a little bit nervous offering this one because I know it could potentially be life changing for us both. Anything like that always brings up the pressure. But here it goes.

I am becoming your channel, and you are becoming my muse.

I want to write a song just for you. 

🎁This is a GREAT holiday gift that lasts forever. I am only doing 5 of these this year. 

VERY limited supply! 


How It Works

  • You send me your desired song topic, story, feelings, or pre-written lyrics, and I write your very own masterpiece. 
  • Then, I record a high-quality Mp3 version of it with vocals, and one instrument track. (You pick either guitar or piano) 

Click purchase, and I'll contact with you and get this song started!

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