#ShareMySoul Challenge

Welcome, and thank you for taking the time to look at life and yourself in a little bit different of a way.  This is my 2nd #SharemySoul Challenge, and 3rd challenge over-all.

What it is, is that every day for 24 days, I will share a piece of myself that I normally wouldn't share, in any way I feel. 

It could be a secret I reveal, a simple thought that I found interesting, a little piece of my life I wouldn't normally share. And from there, I bring people along with me to do the same for themselves. I share it in a blog, all social media platforms with the hashtag #SharemySoul

Doing these challenges have allowed me to find the courage within myself to share, reveal and conquer parts of me that were being held back. I feel much more free, trusting & expressive with myself & with everyone else. I have heard the same from many other people who have joined me in the past. I hope you join me to open up your life a little bit more. Share more of who you are, and reveal to yourself and to others who and what you are really made of. It's fun, no pressure, but definitely challenging.

The whole idea behind us doing this together is that you have support. That you feel comforted, safe in doing this. it's not easy to do at all, but when you have the right support and people around you, anything and I mean ANYTHING is possible. 

Are you ready?

here's a couple of ideas, if you feel stuck. Otherwise, improvise. There are no wrong answers :) 

Topic Ideas

What do you believe in? (what does that mean to you) 
What do you know for sure?
What does it mean to be 'from' a certain place?
What and who do you love? 
What is your muse?
What is something you've never told anyone else? 
Why haven't you told anyone ?
Do you have a super power? 
What do you believe about mind, body & spirit? 
Do you believe in yourself? 
What are you not proud of?
What are you proud of?
Would you take back time if you could ? 
What part of life are you resisting?
Are you holding yourself back from anything?
What makes you really shy?
If you could tell anyone anything, what would it be?
How do you release your feelings the best? 
What does it mean to 'let go.'
What's one thing that has happened in your life that has defined you? 
Where is your favorite place to go in your life?
What's the number one thing you think about?
What's the longest friend you've had?
How are you similar to your parents?

Love, light, peace & blessings.

Always, in all ways,