Here we are now

Take the last bow

I'm so sorry you're gone

To be different, I'd give up everything

Can I wake up now?

In a different world, in a different place

I don't know if it could change but

Isn't it a lot to take?


Boom goes my heart

Crash down like waterfalls

All I feel is pain

It was then 

They took your pulse away


Verse II

We can judge but it don't mean a lot

Cuz we're all bones and blood

Hurting people hurt more people

So try to keep your heart soft

Take me to different roads

Another place

I don't know how to make it change

Can't make sense of something strange





Don't try to keep it in

There's no one else to blame

Life aint just a number

Each number has a name

Don't try to prove it

Or Segregate

We're all the same.



Since I'm still here now

To you I'll make you a vow

I'll be grateful for my life

It could have been me

But since it wasn't me

I'll make the most of it now

Make this a different world

Don't be afraid

You're not alone, we'll make a change

Promise you we'll make it a change