Magick Again

Verse I

I've searched the world for someone like you

Every day since I was born

Simple am I, with nothing to prove

I just wanna give you my heart

I'll carry the day like fresh picked flowers

And maybe you'll stay until the dawn


Love isn't fierce, but it's strong and it's true

Wild as the wolf to the wind

Mystics and folklore can't keep up with you

Where their stories end, you begin

I wanna' see what else might happen

You make me believe in Magick Again



Magick, Magick, 

Magick Again

Verse III

Vanquish the demons inside of my head

Your love as the alchemist

Beyond all the rubble, adventures ahead

Soothsayers promise

You're like the sea we all inhabit

You make me believe in Magick Again




Maybe my whole life before was just fantasy

This has been the only thing real to me