House Concert Info + Testimonials

What is a house concert? 

A house concert is a home-grown concert with fans and friends, usually in people's living rooms, backyard, or anywhere where 20-50+ people join in for a night of fun. I have done over 100 house concerts all over the US, and just recently got off a 16 state, one month long tour in October, 2017. 

Many people ask me why I do these instead of bar/pub/venue dates. 

The first answer is this -  
I get to connect with fans on an upclose basis. We become friends. Sometimes, family.

When I went on my most recent venue tour in April of this year, the one thing I missed was spending time with my fans. Creating bonds. I would get 15 minutes of rushed time, signing, but I craved more. Hence, the house concert tour. 

What do you need to host a house concert?

To be able to bring 20+ people into your home. 

I can bring the rest! :)



Shelley and Roger in Atlanta, GA '17

Tim in Virginia, 2017

Mentor, Ohio

Sean B. in Houston

Michigan, USA