New Album, Mind Lion, Fires, and Feels

Well, 2017 is on its way out, and I can honestly say that this year is kind of ending with a BANG of energy, that's for sure.

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas here in Jolly ol' Austin. It snowed here. I almost couldn't believe it. I stayed home most of the day working on my new album(I'll get to that in a minute,) and began to watch these cute little snowflakes drop from the sky. OMG! Yay!

Meanwhile, I am getting texts, emails and website links showing me what's going on in Los Angeles, where I spent 9 years of my life living. Oh, my heart breaks. I pray that everyone out there is okay, and safe. I wish I could do more.. So I choose to live my life in gratitude in honor of those who are going through a lot. I can't think of a better way to live life. 

So - this tour is happening. I felt the inclination to record something before I went. So, at home, I am working away to get this baby done. But...I need your help. My patrons at are helping me create content so I can continue to do this for you. But. I want to put your name in my album. EVERY single person who signs up for as little as $1 a month will get their name in my album. That's pretty exciting! I put 43 people in my album in 'My Gypsy Heart.'

You can also preorder the album here if you'd like - 

I am sending the digital albums out before the physical one comes out so...stay posted! 
The idea behind 'Mind Lion' is that the Mind is truly a lion. It can be wild and dangerous, or it can be strong, proud and loyal. Like a sweet lion. 🦁 My name also translates into 'Lioness of God' in hebrew, so I thought it was perfect. These songs are different than some of the other ones I have shared, so I am very excited to share these with you. it's taking every ounce of energy to make it happen, to get this set working, and to make sure I can be the best me just for you.

I want to thank you again for always being the best part of what I do

I love you,