INTERIM EP Is Finally Out!

I am so, so excited to announce that my brand new EP, Interim is finally out! There are 6 songs on it, and somehow before I even finished my pre-sale, I sold out of the first batch. It kind of blew my mind. 

This is an EP I've been pushing off for a long while to get out. But it's finally here.
I am Arielle. People compare me to lots of people, but I like to write music from my heart, and see what comes out. 

Magick Again - This a song I wrote while sitting at the kitchen table thinking about love. Thinking about life.
You know those moment where you look back at the person you used to be in life? How you interacted with it? How you would believe in anything? I couldn't help but wonder where all my belief in the Magick of Life was. Loving someone allowed me to find it again. It has some celtic flavors, lots of acoustic guitar and all sorts of cool melodies and surprises.

Queen of Hearts - This song is about not wanting to be held down from living the life you want. I felt stuck in a relationship, and didn't know how to go up. How to keep the wonder of life.

Truth - When all you know to do is hide and protect your feelings...this is for you.

Aquamarine - Quite possibly my happiest song to date. It's all about love, and comparing it to the ocean, and whales <3

Story They Make Movies Of - I wrote this about losing the love of my life. Thinking about what it could have been, what it was meant to be..or so I thought.

Invisible - The double edged sword of feeling deeply is that sometimes it get so intense, you'd rather be invisible than to feel at all.


If this is something that excites you, it's in the store as well as iTunes, Spotify, and all those fun places. :)



Always in always,