Eric Johnson Show

Hey everybody :)

So here I am in Austin, Texas. I had an amazing time for the past 5 or 6 days. As you know, this is one of my favorite places in the world. Although I don't know the terrain all that well, I don't own a car here, or anything of that nature, I still find such peace and welcoming when I am here. It does feel like a second Nashville. There are some places that are so similar, it is almost like I am at another side of it. Like I could drive to my house in Nashville in 20 minutes and be there. It is a beautiful thing. 

I also get to be in the hills of Austin, and look over the valley full of trees. I feel so very blessed.

Okay, so about the show! 

So, Eric Johnson is a very wonderful person. People ask that first. We had a great connection from day one that has felt like we have known each other from the very moment we said hello. Which is a cool thing (and you know I Believe in past lives and stuff so..) we met about 3-4 months ago in Nashville during the Jimmy Hendrix tribute show he was a part of. He finally asked me to open up for him, which I was all excited about. I didn't really know how that was going to go initially because we do not have exactly the same fan base or anything. I tend to be a lot more..umm.well, I think inward and emotional is the word? And he really rocked out. With a crowd of about 250 people or so, they all listened intently. There was a bit of talking towards the end of my 45 minute set when people started getting a little antsy for the show, but it was great. I played for 45 minutes, and right before I played my tribute, 'Pulse,' I think I could have dropped a pin and heard it, it was that quiet.

He liked it, I liked it. Then I got to see his show after which was also really, really inspiring.

I feel so very blessed. Wish you could have been there, and for those of you who were, thank you for being so wonderful and engaging. I hope you enjoyed my stories :) 


Love always in all ways,