I Was on the TV Show Nashville

I am feeling really grateful.

The moment I got into Nashville in February, doors began to open up for me almost too fast to be present for it all.

I was visiting my friend from SHURE Microphones, and all of a sudden, a guy, Danny Rowe walked in. He just so happened to be picking up some microphones for the TV show to place as props, and of course, was using SHURE. He told me he does all of the props, etc, and asked if I wanted to come see the filming of the show. I said absolutely, and the rest was history. One week later, they asked if I wanted to be on the show.

I ended up being on the 4th season, 19th episode with Kesha. I hope you check it out, and enjoy.

I got to be playing on the song "Kinda Dig the Feeling." The guitar I use is a super cool 1952 Gibson CF 100. Smoking!! One of my favorite things about it was when we were recording. I got to be in the venue I had played weeks earlier called "Music City Bar and Grill" located in East nashville, by the mall. Some kind of beaten down venue. They even simulated bar smoke with a fog machine. I got to have ear buds in and hear the music as we were playing, as there was a time we needed to pretend to play while they were recording the audio of it. The director was super fun. 

I hope you enjoy! :)