Waiting in Charlotte.

Waiting in Charlotte.

Hi there. 💙 Saying hello to you is one of the best parts of my week.

I'm actually sitting here at the Charlotte airport right now, after having a flight delayed for 4 hours. I get in at 3am after a long day of working at a corporate event with Fender & Volkswagen.  😳 But you know something interesting? 

I don't feel upset.

Brand New USB Drive MERCH

Just put a brand new newsletter up.


Happy Thursday/almost Friday.
I'm gonna make this short, because I know you're probably busy. I'm all dressed up getting ready to go to a dinner :) 
Anyway, I am just about out of USB's. I've got about 9 left, and I wanted to make sure you got one incase you wanted one. I'll take them off the site once they're gone so you won't need to wonder if you made it in time.
<3 I DO ship international too!  


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