Hi! My name is Arielle. I am a  singer-songwriter, guitar player, and a lover of life.

I call my music 'classic folk rock.'

 It fluctuates depending on who I'm playing with as my backing band. Sometimes there's more folk in it. But if there's one thing you can count on, you'll probably FEEL something.

I'm located in Austin Texas, but I am a renowned wander-lusting gypsy that loves a good adventure. I even saved up for a van to travel around in, which I occasionally sleep in for full effect. 🚌

I am an excavator of the life experience, and my main goal is to be able to bring these insights, revelations and emotions and infuse them into the music. Music has been one of my greatest teachers. It's truly the vessel to becoming the best me I can be, for me. Am I the Arielle who sings these songs? Do I live by what I speak of? 

I consider myself a ‘Conscious Artist.’ One that creates from a place of self-awareness, personal growth and development, and creating a more peaceful and stable world by that which comes out of me. 

Ps. Here’s a professional bio, just incase you were looking for it. 😉

Professional Bio

Arielle is considered a music industry triple threat because she could enjoy an impressive career solely as a singer, songwriter or guitar player, but she has combined all three of those gifts to create a unique artistry that defies genres and borders.

 She recently opened for Eric Johnson's Spring Tour 2017, and will be opening for him again January 2018. 

Arielle has also opened for Gregg Allman, Heart, Joan Jett, Graham Nash, Country Joe Mcdonald, and more. She traveled to Los Angeles in late September, 2016 as the lone female to compete in Guitar Center’s Onstage with Vince Gill contest.  A New Jersey native who was raised in California and Hawaii, she has already made the cover of Guitar Player magazine and released the single “California,” which reached No. 3 on CMT Pure. She was also cast as a guitar player in the TV show Nashville. She is gaining comparisons to Karen Carpenter and Eva Cassidy for her pure voice with a four-octave range.

             Arielle has an associate’s degree from the Musician’s Institute in L.A. and studied in London’s Institute of Contemporary Music Performance. Queen’s Brian May created a guitar role specifically for her in the West End musical We Will Rock You.

            She also played guitar on tour with Cee Lo Green before deciding to move to Nashville in early 2016. She is receiving attention for her new songs such as “Pulse,” “Aquamarine,” “Dead Broke,” “The High” and “Kitchen Sink.”

            Whether it’s her guitar playing or singing, she never feels the need to show off. Indeed, she adheres to the philosophy that less can be more when it comes to expressing experiences through her songs. “The hardships and the insecurities are the reasons why I’m able to be vulnerable and real in music,” she says. “I like for the representation of me to have imperfections in it. I don’t want to hide; I want it to make sense when people hear the music. If I went through it and it was that hard, it is meant for me to share it with others who have been through it.

At the age of five, Arielle began singing with the Peninsula Girls Chorus of California. Her father bought her first guitar when she was ten years old.[5] She has worked with musicians such as Nuno Bettencourt, Michael Angelo BatioUli Jon Roth of Scorpions, and Brian May, the lead guitarist of Queen. In 2011, she was a guitarist for Cee Lo Green at Coachella, after which she was signed to Open E entertainment. That same year, she was featured on the cover of Guitar Player Magazine's online magazine Guts & Glitter.

In 2012, Arielle sang with a number of global activists in Taiji to protest dolphin slaughter. She also opened for Heart, Joan Jett, and Graham Nash of Crosby, Stills & Nash at Kiss the Sky in 2014, which was a concert raising awareness for captive whales and dolphins.

In 2013, she teamed up with Red Decibel Music Group (Adam Watts & Gannin Arnold) to produce her EP California,  an acoustic guitar folk/pop track; this track became one of her most notable and played songs. 

Arielle has also recorded with Joe Bonamassa, Eric Johnson, Carl Verheyen, Nuno Bettencourt and Brian May. She has released 2 EP's in 2017, with another in the works. 

Arielle also designs guitars, and has more recently set up her own recording studio, where she records and releases material independently.