Whether it’s a sustained single note or an extended instrumental passage, whether it’s drenched in blues, ascending the mountaintops of rock or exploring the great wide open, her music makes you feel something. With soul-baring lyrics and melodies that burrow in your brain, she effortlessly emotes refrains with a four-octave range. It resonates, it reverberates, it nourishes the great escape.

Hi! My name is Arielle. I am a  singer-songwriter, guitar player, and a lover of life.

My music is 'classic folk rock.'

 It fluctuates depending on who I'm playing with as my backing band. Sometimes there's more folk in it. But if there's one thing you can count on, you'll probably FEEL something.

I'm located in Nashville, TN and England, but I am a renowned wander-lusting gypsy that loves a good adventure. I even saved up for a van to travel around in, which I occasionally sleep in for full effect. 🚌

I am an excavator of the life experience, and my main goal is to be able to bring these insights, revelations and emotions and infuse them into the music. Music has been one of my greatest teachers. My songs come from the discovery of who I am, sometimes through hardships, love, heartbreak and the simple experience of being human.

I consider myself a ‘Conscious Artist.’ One that creates from a place of self-awareness, personal growth and development, and creating a more peaceful and stable world by that which comes out of me. 

Ps. Here’s a professional bio, just incase you were looking for it. 😉