INTERIM EP (Presale)

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INTERIM EP (Presale)

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  1.  the intervening time.

This is my BRAND NEW EP coming out at the beginning of 2017.  There were only and will only be 200 physical copies made. This will be shipped the second week of January! 

As I do with all of my EP's, they are one-of-a kinds, as the back is handwritten, and designed by me.

It is an all original EP, with songs that will ignite your heart, break it, and get your emotional feelings all tangled up for a while. But I think you might like it.

Song List -

1. Magick Again

2. Queen Of Hearts

3. Truth

4. Aquamarine

5. Story They Make Movies Of

6. Invisible

I sign each and every EP that is sent out with a white or silver sharpie, as well as a small little message for you as well. Packed safely in a padded envelope (with more than likely, a couple of goodies placed in there) 

They are also donation based, so please feel free to pay what you'd like!

Thank you SO MUCH! <3

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